As a company that has a big presence in the market, it is our responsibility to be socially aware and responsible towards our community. Our community is not only shortened to our employees, but the overall community. 


In our efforts to be responsible, some of our proceeds go to organizations that are in need such as Baheya and 57357 hospitals.


In our work environment, we value the efforts of women and their work output. We work on empowering the women in our community by showing them how their efforts are greatly appreciated. Moreover, we always like to achieve equality between genders and we have no priority to either of them as they are both treated equally and are of equal presence in the company.


In our internship program

, we value young talents that we hire undergraduates and fresh graduates to give them the experience and exposure that they need at the beginning of their journey. Check our Careers page to apply and be part of our team.