5 Different Types of TV Tables
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5 Different Types of TV Tables
  • Open shelved

Open shelved TV tables are now more popular than ever especially for people who wants to feel the space in the room instead of one more cabinet taking up the living room space, that is why the open shelved TV tables are a better suit for them since it gives the feeling of an open unoccupied area in the room and makes it feel bigger along with still having shelve space to hold Tv equipments and other items as well.


  • Console

Console tables are usually available with the furniture set where they are placed in front of the walls and are usually 30 inches long. They have enough shelving spaces that can be open shelved or in the form of closed cabinets but  the majority of them have closed shelving and a rectangular shape.


  • Platform TV stands

This TV stand is the most known type of TV stands that people refer to all the time. It usually has no back or shelves on the sides of it, it is just a platform to hold your TV and it comes in different sizes, shapes and materials that can complement different living room styles. It doesn’t have side shelves but that doesn’t mean that there is no storage space, on the contrary it could have cabinets or 3 to 4 shelves under it. The disadvantage of having it though that it can occupy a huge space of your room.


  • TV cabinets

TV cabinets can be a good choice if you want a TV table with hidden storage space that can hold many things and still look attractive and not overwhelmed with technological equipment and stationery. It can also be useful or families with kids to avoid the corruption and breaking of expensive equipment.


  • Entertainment centers

Entertainment centers are TV tables that has more than one function and they are usually very tall and wide and requires a huge space at the wall, tat being said it can also be very expensive but it can give you a display area, storage space as well as looking good in the living room and adding a print to it.