Choosing Kitchen Appliances Without Measuring
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Choosing Kitchen Appliances Without Measuring

In the process of furnishing your homes you usually get so drained with matching all your wants and the budget together to get the best possible outcome. And while getting into the kitchen most people usually fall into this trap of buying the kitchen first before the appliances which makes it harder later on to fit the appliances into the kitchen.

So if you fell into this trap already or you’re still trying to avoid it then you came to the right place.

When it comes to the kitchen, the layout is more important than the budget.

Spending a high budget on appliances is not fun especially when you discover later on that the appliances don’t fit into your kitchen. So watch out!

Measuring your kitchen to purchase the appliances might be a tricky task and it’s the most common mistake people usually make, because its not all about measuring the dimensions, its way beyond that. You can have perfect measures of the area you’re measuring but you’re still missing out on something.

You need to have precise measures of how much space a new appliance will accommodate which includes how much space it needs for it be used practically and for the door to actually open without having any difficulties in accessing it. You additionally need to be certain there's a way to get your new machine into your home. Take cautious estimations in every which way of both where the unit will live just as any door frames, passages, or flights of stairs it should go through to arrive — and don't round up the numbers you get.

Here are the top for tips when it comes to the process of choosing kitchen appliances:

1. The layout

As previously mentioned, the layout is more important than the budget in case of the kitchen! So starting with the budget might be time consuming and just a waste of time. Because the appliances that match the budget might not fit the existing layout.

To get the exact dimensions of the appliances use the serial number inside the appliance and Google it, this will show you the spec sheets and all the measurements needed.

2.  The budget

Having the exact measures will help a-lot with this phase as it’ll narrow down your options. On Hub Furniture’s website we help you filter by measurements so this will help you narrow down your choices. Another thing to keep in mind with the budget you set for appliances is that it’s an investment, appliances are a bit pricy but they’ll last you a lifetime if you made the proper decision.

3.  Function

When it comes to the kitchen appliances there are many choices and a variety of options. So all you have to do is make a list of functions that you actually NEED.

4.  Style

Visit us in Hub Furniture stores or on our website and check the variety of styles we offer that will match all your tastes and interiors.