Going overboard with open shelving
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Going overboard with open shelving

You usually spend a plenty of time trying to clean your home and putting in so much effort in keeping your place as neat and clean as possible. So going with the option of open shelving can contribute in the appearance of a messy-looking room. Open shelving is not used for over storage and packing every inch of the shelf with accessories or books. You should also avoid using it as an open storage to store your electronics and cables or to hold games, movies, and toys. These items are best stored away inside cabinets, boxes, or baskets for a less cluttered effect.

We will give you some tips and tricks on how to style up your self space. And while you’re in the process just keep in mind to stay patient as it greatly depends on trial and error so don’t worry YOU GOT THIS!

Tips and tricks for styling your shelves:

1. Choose a color palette

2. Gather up the items

Now it’s time to go shopping at your home and collect the items that’ll match with the color scheme you chose. Here are examples of the items that might be placed on a shelf: books, vases, small plants, frame arts and bowls.

3. Sort the items

To create cohesion and to make the shelves appear more appealing, sort the items you gathered up in sizes, heights, colors and textures.

4. Start BIG

Add the huge items and then place the smaller items beside them as accessories to complete the look.

5. The zig-zag method

This is to allow your eyes to go through the shelf and not focus on one spot.