Hanging Art Too High
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Hanging Art Too High

Finding a suitable piece of artwork to match with your interior might be hard, but what’s even more difficult is how you’ll hang it!

Hanging an artwork incorrectly is the most common interior design mistake people usually make. This article will give you two main tips on how to hang to your piece of art perfectly:


TIP #1 Hang your artwork at eye level

Unless you’re tall or the ceilings are low this method can do the job. Place the center of your art piece 50 – 60 inches from the floor. Take a few steps backward and if you find yourself raising your neck to look up then it might be a bit too high and you need to consider re-placing it.


TIP #2 Above furniture displayed

The furniture can be a great way to figure out how you’d place your artwork. This would usually depend on the size of your art piece, and the space between the furniture and the ceiling. However, usually consider 5 – 8 inches between the highest part of the furniture piece and the lowest part of the artwork.