Styling Dark Furniture in Small Spaces
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Styling Dark Furniture in Small Spaces

Some people tend to like dark furniture more than light ones; however, the color of the furniture should be chosen according to the space that’s available.


Interior designers recommend lighter shades of colors when your space is relatively small so it makes the space appear to be bigger than it is. 

However, you can choose whatever colors you prefer but use them correctly and with the right elements. Bulky furniture makes your room appear smaller, so if you mix bulky furniture with dark colors it will limit the space you see in your room.


Give your room balance between dark colors and light colors to give you just the right amount of balance for your rooms.


The picture above is relatively very dark for the space and makes it look small even though it’s big, making more elements lighter would enlarge the overall room space.


Here are some tips to make your dark room appear big, even in small spaces:

  • Add plenty of lighting to the room to make it look more spacious
  • Add contrasting light colors to the furniture; for example, add light pillows to your dark couch
  • Paint your walls with white or off-white to add space.
  • Add bright-colored paintings