5 Tips to Be Productive from the Comfort of Your Home
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5 Tips to Be Productive from the Comfort of Your Home

Since the beginning of the covid 19 pandemic working and studying from home started to be the new norm. Until now, some people suffer from low productivity at home and while studying/working from home can sound easy and comfy, it is in fact more challenging. 


Here are some tips to make working/studying from home more productive than ever:


  • Find a space that makes you feel comfortable

Choose an area at your home that can be your permanent comfortable workspace. Make sure that this space is away from your relaxing areas as well as your entertainment areas to avoid any distractions. 


  • Choose your workspace style

After choosing your work designated area, start choosing your preferred style that would coordinate with your house style. Moreover, make sure that you choose a relaxing style as you will be spending a lot of time in your workspace and you need a relaxing environment that would make you more productive.


  • Declutter

Did you know that it takes a person over 23 minutes to get back on track after being distracted? Nobody wants this, right? Usually to avoid distractions as much as possible your workspace should get decluttered. After choosing your space, make sure to have a set of drawers to declutter it before starting using it as your workspace


  • Pick the right productive pieces

Being comfortable is an essential part of being productive. Make sure that your chosen workspace has all the essentials you need to feel comfortable such as an ergonomic chair for a healthy support while working and a recliner or a loveseat for comfortable breaks. 


  • Choosing the right lighting

Choosing the right lighting can be challenging as research shows that a combination of natural and artificial light is crucial to avoid eye strain and fatigue  and that plenty of light can improve productivity. Accordingly, try to choose a workspace that is close to the window and for artificial lighting choose lamps like LED lights to avoid glare. 


Studying or working from home can be very tough and hard to get used to, however, making your space as comfortable as it could be can definitely help you stay more productive and on track. If you are searching for comfy home-office essentials click here.