5 Types of Plants That Can Be Used In Your Bedroom
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5 Types of Plants That Can Be Used In Your Bedroom

1. Snake Plants 

Snake plants are known as “Mother-in-law‟s tongue” it's a well-known plant for purifying air by  converting carbon dioxide into oxygen at night. Now you might be asking yourself that isn‟t this  a basic function of any plant? The answer is yes! However, houseplants only do this job during  the day and not at night.  

Snake plants are very rigid and have sharp and pointed edges. They require very low maintenance as they don't have to be watered daily and they don't require direct sunlight.  

2. Peace Lily  

Peace Lilies bloom into very beautiful white flowers and just like Snake Plants they are air  purifiers. But not only this have they also increased the humidity in bedrooms by 5% which is considered to be great for breathing while you are asleep.  

Peace Lilies need very moderate amount of light but will grow and bloom better when placed in bright light and its preferably better to water them when the soil is nearly dry. These plants are poisonous so its recommended that you keep them somewhere away from little children and pets.

3. Aloe Vera  

Aloe Vera Plants are known to purify the air as well as, the gel inside the leaves can be used as a  moisturizer for dry skin and can calm down burns, cuts and bites.  

Aloe Vera Plants are always a great add to any house as it requires the minimalist level of maintenance. It can carry on for weeks without being watered. However, it needs bright and direct sunlight.

4. Lavender  

Lavender Plants have a very unique and recognizable smell which is great for relaxing as it  decreases stress levels, blood pressure and heart rates. That‟s why it creates an atmosphere for  you to enjoy a deep sleep.  

Lavender Plants need bright and direct light and a moderate amount of watering when the soil is slightly dry.

5. Golden Pathos 

The Golden Pathos is also known as “the cubicle plant” and it is perfect to be used if you want to  eliminate bad smells from your bedroom. The Golden Pathos requires moderate amount of light and regular watering. 


Plants are a definitely a great add to your bedroom because they don‟t only improve the overall  aesthetic of the bedroom however, they improve the overall quality of the air your breathing in  which on the long-term has many advantages. 

Now if you‟re confused on what type of plant do you want to get just ask yourself a simple question "Why am I buying this plant from the first place?‟ "Do I have enough time to invest in  plant maintenance?‟ These questions will help you a lot during the decision making process.