Bedside Tables Should Not be Too Tall or Too Short
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Bedside Tables Should Not be Too Tall or Too Short

Bedside tables can be generalized as; well as specified such as small chests, to desks, to side chairs and even small stools and they can all look good in your room but one thing you don’t want to get wrong is the height of those tables. 


Bedside tables are as important to your bedroom as your bed, picking out the wrong bedside tables can be a real pain in the short and long run and it can cause a number of difficulties. Bedside tables are usually supposed to be equivalent to the top of the mattress; the average height of a mattress is about 25, therefore most commercial nightstands are around 24-28 tall. Anything taller or shorter will ruin the shape of the room and will cause discomfort to the owners. Most individuals think that it all depends on the bed type and size but that is usually a misconception even if you have a king bed, purchasing a big bedside table with it will not be necessary or smart.


Short bedside table: 

A short bedside table can be unappealing as well as uncomfortable for many reasons but most of all is that you would have to bend over when you are in bed to reach a cup of water or your phone and the most difficult part will also be reaching the table’s drawers or getting anything out of them. If you are older or have some back pains this is exactly the table that you would want to avoid since it can lead to making a painful move and eventually also keep you from going back to sleep.


Tall bedside table:

A taller bedside table can also be as unappealing and uncomfortable as a short one, it will not only look bad to the room owners but it will also be very dissatisfactory since you would never be able to reach what you need when your laying over in your bed or even turn off your light switch, the only use for it will be if you are standing up or sitting on the bed and even then it can be difficult to work with.