Buying Furniture That's Too Big or Too Small
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Buying Furniture That's Too Big or Too Small

In this article, you will find some of the common mis-proportioned elements of your house and how to solve them.


  • Sofas

Sofas can either be too big or too small. People that have small living rooms tend to get very small sofas so that there would be more space. 

However, this is actually the opposite, having a small sofa shows that the room is small. Interior designers recommend that you get a sofa with a good size (not too small) to make your living room look more spacious.

On the other hand, choosing sofas that are too big also limit the space and make it seem smaller. Choose the right size sofa for your space and make your furniture float in the space rather than sticking them to the walls.


  • Artworks 

Artworks are most of the time too small for the wall, so we’ve got a rule for you to go by and make it easier for you. The rule is that your artwork should take up to 3/4 of the wall you’re placing it on.


  • Lighting

Lighting is very often undermined and causes a lot of confusion for people. As basic as it may sound the main function of lighting is to light, so if it doesn’t fulfill this function then there’s no point in it. 

Stop buying huge lanterns and small lamps and start choosing the right sizes. For example, a table lamp should be tall enough so that it would meet a person’s seated eye-level. 


  • Rugs 

Check how to choose the correct size rug in our previous article How to stop choosing the wrong size rug