Color Oriented Living Rooms
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Color Oriented Living Rooms

Colors are comprehended differently by different types of people, some fear the addition of colors on the living room and some love it so much that they overwhelm the room with more colors than it can take.


Coming up with a palette skim can make or break your room design and set the mood for your living room, this is controlled by different tastes of people for each color selected, You can figure out the personality of the person living in that are some colors and what they resemble.


Neutral Colors 

Neutral colors are colors such as beige, grey, nude,white and they are the most used colors in the living room since they can leave more space for creativity and addition of other accessories. Neutral colors can resemble a cozy, warm and inviting living room and adds the feeling of a minimalist, simple and classy look.


Bold Colors

Bold colors can give the room a sense of adventure, mystery, and can look interesting to whoever visits this room, if you don't want the room to look wierd or the colors to feel out of place you can match the colors of the living room with the overall space fabrics.


  1. Green: green resembles harmony and renewability because it gives the feeling of nature all around your house and it can replace the existence of floral walls or plants in your living room if you don’t like them but still going for a natural feeling.
  2. Blue: blue resembles serenity, calmness and stabilization since it gives you a sense of the sea and the sky and how calming the atmosphere is, as well as looking stylish.
  3. Black: black is definitely the color for classy, chic, sophisticated and a feeling of the unexpected and dramatic. Furniture pieces added to a black background usually pops and looks more attractive so a black living room definitely gives a statement to everyone.