Curtain Mistakes
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Curtain Mistakes

Curtains can be very attractive placed in your home and can add a different vibe to your bedroom, living room or bathroom but if placed the wrong way or chosen in contrast with the style of the room or it’s measurements.


Curtains are not always appealing but if certain features are present it can look mesmerizing in your room. Curtains can be an investment especially if your room has many windows and in need of curtains to add an edge to it and to cover it when needed. That being said, if you're planning to add curtains to your room, be aware of the following mistakes and try to avoid them ahead of time.


  • Taking the wrong measurements

Measurements are not only the measurements of the window itself but also there is the measurements of the panels and how far they should be hanged from the ceiling and the curtains in order for the measurements to be accurate and the curtains to look natural, the panels should be placed much higher than the top of the window casing and closer to the ceiling, these techniques can make your room look bigger and brighter


  • The length and the width of the curtains

The length of the curtains are a very important aspect to consider, they should reach the floor at least and if you ar to choose short curtains the only reason to do that would be to have something placed under the window that will block the curtain otherwise it is not a smart choice to hang short curtains. Long curtains have three different styles that you can consider.


The width of the curtains on the other hand can be measured by measuring the width of the window first then multiplying the measurement by 2 or 2.5 to add to the curtain and make it look full enough, the panels can also be measured by measuring the height of the window and multiplying by 2.5. Curtains should always pass the width of the window and cover a part of the wall to ensure full coverage to the room and also for protecting the curtains itself from the light if you want to swing them to the end of the rod away from the window. The right measurements are supposedly extra 25-30 cm on both sides.


  • Selecting the wrong style:

The style selection should begin by looking at the room and first knowing the function of the curtains; if they are placed only for looks or if they would be opened and closed oftenly, then you would be able to choose your style, your size and even the size of the fitting rods since you can’t place tight rods on a curtain that will be used a lot and opened regularly.


  • Painting first:

A huge mistake that many people make is to paint the room then to start selecting the curtains and the furniture while the right method is to think of your furniture and curtains first and what you want in matters of color, textile and shape.


  • Cheap Hardware:

Buying cheap hardware may cost you less at first but it will cost you more in the long run to replace and fix them since they don’t last that long and get broken easily so some tips for choosing curtains’ hardware or rods. Firstly, do not purchase short rods to be able to cover a good portion of the window. Secondly, do not use a thin rod if you are using curtains with large grommets at the top.


  • Hanging window treatment and curtains:

Don’t hang your own curtains if it is your first time in order to preserve the textile and and the hardware as well as your own safety and also it is recommended not to hang window treatments yourself and to bring a professional to take care of the job efficiently and properly install a wall stud and rods in the right height level.