Decorative Elements for your Garden
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Decorative Elements for your Garden

If you’re a designer, this will sound more like your design foundations course. If you’re not then tag along to know the main elements that you should consider when decorating your garden.


  • Line

There are four main types of lines: straight, curved, horizontal and vertical. Each type of line draws a meaning behind it and it’s useful to know them to portray the correct feeling that you want. 


Curved lines create interesting pathways that can take you along like going through a journey and are considered informal unlike straight lines. Straight lines are more bold and to the point and they satisfy their function just the way it’s supposed to be. Horizontal lines give depth and stability while vertical lines give a sense of strength and movement.


  • Light

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  • Textures

When planting in your garden, make sure you have a variety of textures in it to give a sense of interest in your garden. There are three main textures: coarse, medium and fine, have a mix of them and you’d elevate your garden.


  • Unity

Unity is one of the most important elements because it keeps the whole garden cohesive and that will determine its beauty. Unity doesn’t mean boring, it only means that you were able to arrange your garden in a balanced way.


  • Scale

Make sure that the type of tree you plant in your garden matches the size of your garden. For example, do not get a palm tree when you have a small patio, make it consistent.


  • Color

This is the part where your true colors may shine, you can add whatever colors you want to set the mood of your choice. If you want to have a calm mood in your garden go for cool colors but if you want a bit of energy, then go for warmer colors. You can mix between the colors to create your desired garden.