Different Types of Tables in a Living Room
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Different Types of Tables in a Living Room

Your living room is not just a room with a sofa, chairs and a table; surprisingly it can have more than one table for more than one use but the most important thing to know here is how you are going to use those tables wisley without overcrowding the room and stumbling in each and every step. In the following sections you will see the different types of living room tables that will make it easier for you to choose how many you need and what you need exactly.


Coffee Tables 

Coffee tables are the tables you usually observe in front of the sofa and regardless of its name it definitely functions for more than just a coffee table and you can place a vase, a frame , telephone and lots of other things on it to showcase. This kind of table comes in different shapes and colors to suit different living rooms and more than one style.


Nesting Tables

Nesting tables are accent tables that are most suitable if you have a small living room that can’t fit a larger table or more than one table and you can still add an edge to the room as well as having the chance to add a two in one table that you can separate when you need and combine again to save space.


Side Tables

Side tables are exactly what comes to your mind when you read the name, they are tables that are placed on the sides of your sofa or chairs and it's the most functional in the room since it is used for placing items that you would want in close reach.


Console Tables

Console tables are usually available with the furniture set where they are placed in front of the walls or behind your sofa, mainly in narrow places. The average height for these kinds of tables is usually 30 inches since they are placed behind sofas, they are also wide and shallow for functionality. 


End Tables

End tables are also referred to as one of the accent tables that are placed at the end corner of the room next to the coach, it’s high is usually equivalent to the arms of the sofa next to it and it’s design is usually dependable on the room design and colors for example a round living round is better suited with a round end table.