Furniture you Need in your Garden
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Furniture you Need in your Garden

Your garden is usually the place where you have fun with your family, relax or even host parties in it. People usually face the challenge of adding furniture to their garden and overcrowding it. Tag along till the rest of the blog to know exactly how to overcome this problem.


Step #1

Before buying any furniture, you need to think of all the activities you want to have in your garden. Do you wanna have big family gatherings? Big birthday parties? A place to work out in? A children’s playground? 

This is a very important question that you need to ask yourself to be able to buy the suitable furniture for your garden. 


Step #2

There are two furniture elements that every garden should have and will not overcrowd it.


Element 1: Round dining tables

Having a dining table in your garden is essential to enjoy your family time there. But, what’s even more important is having a ROUND dining table. A rounded dining table will make it easier for people to talk about the circle and will make the seating more conversational. Check out HUB furniture’s round dining tables collection here. 

Element 2: Sun Lounge chair

Lounge chairs are commonly found alongside pools, but who said that if you don’t have a pool you can’t enjoy the sun? Lounge chairs are a must in your garden so you can sit on it and get in that vitamin D that you need. Get your Rattan Lounge Chair now from HUB furniture. 


Step #3

Make your furniture colorful, you don’t have to get all of your furniture with the color of wood. Mix and match the colors in your garden along with your plants and keep in mind the facade of your house to make it all look cohesive together. 


Don’t over worry yourself about your garden furniture, you can easily try them all at HUB Furniture’s showrooms all over Egypt. Click here to find locations.