How to Choose the Right Plants for your Garden?
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How to Choose the Right Plants for your Garden?

Did you just move into a new house and have a garden? Many people think that planting in a garden would require constant care and would be really hard to achieve a good looking garden with plants. Actually, that’s not entirely true, it mainly depends on the type of plant you decide to grow. Some plants need constant care and some require minimal effort. When choosing which plant to grow, there are several factors that you should keep in mind. 


#1 Do you want to attract pollinators? 

Pollinators are butterflies, bees, flies, etc. Attracting butterflies would be very pretty in your garden and will give it the all natural and relaxing look that you’d want. Not all pollinators are butterflies, but as people say beauty always comes with a drawback.


#2 How much sun do you have in your garden?

The amount of sun that’s available also partially determines the type of plants that you can grow. Some plants require a lot of exposure to the sun while others need to be in a shaded area. The exposure to the sun will also decide how you organize your plants in the garden.

You now know the factors that you should keep in mind, let’s recommend a couple of plants that you can grow easily in your garden.


#1 Roses

Roses are one of people’s favorites and they add a beautiful touch to any garden. They are actually one of the easiest to grow because they require almost zero care, just watering them with the right proportion would be enough. The types of roses that are good for home gardens are shrubs and landscape roses.


#2 Succulent plants

Succulent plants are leafy and simple, but will definitely add to your garden’s look. They survive dry spells, hot weather, and are easily grown.


#3 Herbs

Everyone uses herbs in their food and they’re much cheaper to grow them at home than to buy them from your usual store. Also, another benefit of growing herbs is that they attract pollinators, so if you want a garden full of pollinators, definitely grow a couple of herbs. 


#4 Fragrance plants

You can choose your fragrance plants according to the scent that you want in your garden. If you like lavender then plant lavender and fill your garden with your favorite scent without any effort.


The key to having a beautiful garden is to mix and match with the plants that you have and the colors of the plants to have a balance.