How to Create your Minimalist Room
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How to Create your Minimalist Room
  • The essential furniture:

Try to limit the use of unnecessary extra furniture in the room that might make you feel that the room is expensive and you got all the things you want but you will end up in a cluttered room with furniture that you don’t even need.

A  living room can have the essentials such as the sofa, another chair, coffee table and maybe a tv stand or just put it on the wall. The bedroom can have a bed, a dresser, a wardrobe and maybe a nightstand. To conclude the point the average number of items in a room should be 5 or less. 


  • Plain windows:

You can leave your windows plain with no curtains that overcrowd the space and just have an artistic design to the windows or you can use curtains with no prints and that have solid colors or use the wooden windows to add a touch of rustic to the room but still keep it as minimalist as possible. 


  • Accent pieces:

If you are going to keep the room minimalist you still don’t want to only have a plain room  that makes your home wouldn’t give away a boring vibe so you can add some accent decorations like a simple vase with flowers, some small photos or artwork on the walls but make sure not to overcrowd the walls and make the room uncomfortable to your eyes.


  • Clear surfaces and floors:

Don’t overcrowd your table surface and the floor with so many accessories, books and carpets that makes you feel surrounded by lots of clutter at the end of the day.