How to Light Up your Garden
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How to Light Up your Garden

Lighting your garden might be a bit challenging because of the nature of it being an open space, but we’ve got you covered! In this article we will give you some ideas on how to light up your garden.


  • Add lighting pendants at dining table

This tip will not only add light to your space but it will also make the dining area look bigger and deeper. 


  • Add candles

The candles will give a more rustic mood to the garden and they’re also portable and can be moved wherever you want or where more light is needed. 


  • Light up your steps

Lighting up steps would make it easier to light them because then they’re clearly seen and will add a subtle kind of light.


  • Run a light rope across the garden

A light rope would give a very warm vibe in your garden and it would look great during occasions that are more relaxed. For example, you can add these lights on your next christmas gathering to make it more magical. 


  • Use exotic lamps to create exotic shapes

Exotic lamps add a chic element to any place, especially in the garden it will be reflected on its floor which would look even better.


  • Layer your lighting

Make sure that the heights of your light sources are various to add the layering effect to them and impress everyone with them.


  • Add modern globe around the garden

Modern globes can come in white and in colors, so you can mix and match between them and use them to light up your garden and also to add a pop of color. Throw them in your pool and look at the beauty of them as they’re reflected on the water.