How to Stop Choosing the Wrong Rug Size
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How to Stop Choosing the Wrong Rug Size

Do you think choosing rugs is the easiest task in furnishing your home? Well, think again, cause choosing the right size rug for your room can be tricky if you do not read this article!


There are some basic ground rules that you have to know in order to achieve a well balanced room in proportions.


Rule #1: If your rug only fits the coffee table, it’s the wrong size.

It makes the seating area less comfortable and less like a conversational area, which you probably wouldn’t want.


Rule #2: Measure your room 

Measuring your room would allow you to know how big your rug should be and the orientation of your rug.

For living rooms, make sure that the rug passes the legs of the couch with 6 inches for the perfect size.

If your room’s size horizontally is bigger than vertically, then place your rug accordingly.


Rule #3: Be consistent

Choose how you want to place your furniture and stick to that same placement. If you want all of the legs of your couch to be on the rug then do the same for all other elements.


There are different variations of rugs and placements, so choose your favorite and stick to it. Here are some orientations to help you get started!