How to Take Measurements of Your House
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How to Take Measurements of Your House

Measuring your entire house for renovation, selling it, or even moving to a new house might
seem as an overwhelming task and people might feel intimidated when it comes to calculating
the square footage. This article will give you some easy and simple methods to measure out your
entire home effortlessly as well as design ideas for each room shape. Having precise calculations
and measurements is crucial as it’ll have a further impact later on many aspects.

There are 5 different geometric shapes found in buildings, so most probably you won’t get
out of these:

  • Four sides: such as a simple rectangle or square
  • Circular:
  • Elliptical: this is more of an oval shape
  • Three sided: this is a triangle
  • Many sides: This is a polygon, which means that there are many sides of equal length.

After identifying the shape that you’ll measure, there are several tools to be used:

  • First Tool: Measuring tape is the basic and most traditional way of measuring out a
    surface area. You get the length and width then multiply them together and voila you got
  • Second tool: A calculator which can be found online such as Vcalc. Its very simple, you
    just enter the dimensions you’ve measured using the measuring tape and the calculator
    will do its job!
  • Third tool: A mobile app can perform the same a laser measure if you don’t have one.
    This is the most simple and easy method for measuring your entire house without any
    hassle. All you have to do is download the application such as PLNAR then aim your
    phone’s camera at the floor and tap a button at every corner or new surface, you can mark
    off walls, doors, etc..


Design ideas for your room shape

A circular room interior design

A circular living room interior

A triangular room interior design