How to Widen your Living Room
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How to Widen your Living Room

People usually struggle with their living room designs and they usually want to incorporate several ideas in the same room especially if they are decorating their house for the first time. You usually look for a design that can make your living room look bigger and more bright even when you have a small space to work with, nowadays there are many ways to widen your living room through incorporating simple ideas. There are 3 main aspects to consider if you are decorating a small living room and want to make it look spacious and modern. 


The colors of your room 

Using brighter colors like white, beige and pastel can make a room feel brighter and bigger even when it is small and especially when there are no windows for natural light to enter the room. Bright Colors can be used when selecting the wallpaper and curtains or when selecting the sofa or chairs and then you can add the selection of colors that you like to the pillows, the carpet, wall decorations and tables.


Wall Decorations 

Wall decorations can be used in the living room for many reasons; to be creative and modern or to save space in the room for other items or just for the feeling of a spacious room. Wall decorations can vary from wall shelves that can be used for conveniently placing items or for a more modern look or for other wall decorations like Mirrors, Canvas and hanged lights. Mirrors in particular can add more space to the room and make it look twice as big while adding a dramatic effect to it. 


L-shaped sofas and cubic stools 

Moving on to the furniture there are many ways to make the room feel bigger and comfy or cozy, especially by adding an L shaped sofa against the side of the room and leaving more space to the room as well as eliminating the gap behind the sofa or the side tables.

Moreover you can add an Accent Chair with exposed legs to add an edge to the room and give it more space or a small ottoman that occupies a small area in the room but add to it. Cubic stools can also be used and they have some special features that save space in the room, they can be stored under the center table and they can also have a storage space inside them for extra pillows or blankets without overcrowding the room with all the items.


All the suggestions above are ways that can be used in decorating a small living room and giving it more space as well as making it comfy and modern. There are many ways to do that and many styles to choose from but whatever you choose you should keep in mind that less is more and gives you an opportunity to add color to the room or change it later on without totally redesigning the whole room.