Laying the Wrong Flooring for Kitchens as an Interior Mistake
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Laying the Wrong Flooring for Kitchens as an Interior Mistake

The kitchen may sometimes seem to you as a hidden room that doesn’t need much thinking or planning for the house to look good, but on the contrary the kitchen is one of the main essential rooms for some people and some spend their whole day in this room and that is why it needs much work and planning  to be made in a functional way and also in a creative approach. 


Kitchens in particular require a great deal of planning when selecting it’s floors since they are busy, high traffic rooms that need a hard and tough floor with a certain finish, that is why you need to work with kitchen professionals that will guide you the right way that an interior designer can’t sometimes. 

People usually have some misconceptions or go through repeated mistakes such as:

  1. Selecting cheap and thin material that won’t last you a long time and will crack just to save money but unfortunately it is just a recipe for more trouble in the future especially when handling the weight of all kitchen appliances. 
  2. Floor decisions should not only be based on appearances especially for your kitchen , there is a common mistake that many people fall into; choosing hardwood floors just because they look good while actually they can be easily rewend by kitchen water, humidity and high-traffic instead you can use ceramic floors that looks just like hardwood or vinyl floors that is resilient and water proof  and  has many styles and colors and can resemble it as well.
  3. Another point that most people leave out are floating floors and how to use them, floating floors should be used around the cabinets and not under them since they don’t function as well as other floors and they don’t expand and contract therefore they can buckle under your cabinets.
  4. Another mistake will be choosing luxury flooring like limescale tiles in your kitchen; this is a huge mistake especially if you have kids since this kind of floor stains easily. 
  5. The final advice will be to consider other rooms in your house if your kitchen is close to them since they can contrast with each other if you have vinyl tiles in your kitchen, carpeting in the hallway beside it , and hardwood in the living room next to them.


To conclude your kitchen is not just any other room in the house but it is a vital part of it and you should consider the floor type according to your functional needs, space, lifestyle and design preference.