Living Room Accent Chairs
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Living Room Accent Chairs

Arm chair 

Armchairs are the most common accent chair types that people have in their living room since they come in many colors and patterns and have a dominant vibe to  the rest of the living room furniture. Armchairs are very comfortable and functional; not just a beautiful accent chair for display, they are also very resilient for heavy weights and pets to sit on. The design mainly relies on the feeling comfort especially with it’s two comfortable arm side supports.


Wingback chair 

The wingback chair is just what it sounds like it resembles the armchair a bit but instead of typical arms for the chair it has  a wing shaped tall back and is a bit larger than a typical arm chair that is why it is an ideal peac to complement a large sofa or living set. You can see these types of chairs placed right to a living room sofa or traditionally right in front of a fireplace. This kind of chair requires a spacious living room to serve its purpose and can’t just fit in any small living room.


Barrel chair

A barrel chair is considered an accent chair for it’s unique and attractive design that is not only classy but comfortable as well and it comes in many colors and prints to fit with your living room, you can even get a barrel chair that has a 360 degree rotating base for more convenience and a touch of fun in the room. It gives a different vibe as well since it has a round like back that is different from the traditional rectangular chair people are used to. 


Leather chair 

You can always go for leather when you think accent because it is the chair that will pop the most for it’s brown leather color and low back that can always give a feeling of home and authenticity. 

It can match with different designs and colors in the living room and it will function as a comfortable seating chair that can easily be moved around and cleaned as well as used in different rooms. The leather chair can usually give a more casual look but if placed rightly it can look more elegant than any other chair as well.


Ottoman and lounge chair 

For a more classy and expensive look you can always go for the lounge chair and ottoman. People usually place them in the living room or the salon area but they rarely use them and that is a misconception that they are only for looks while on the contrary they can be very functional especially the ottoman since it can easily be moved around and used as a small chair or a resting place for tired feet or even as a storage space. The lounge chair can also be very cofortaning after a long day where you can just rest on it and lift your feet up for a couple of minutes.