Not Having Enough Pillows in your Bedroom Can Make your Bedroom Seem Incomplete
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Not Having Enough Pillows in your Bedroom Can Make your Bedroom Seem Incomplete

Arranging bedroom pillows and selecting them may not seem as important at first but once you finish decorating your room if you are left out with one or two pillows on your bed you might just feel that the room is empty and dull and it may still need a touch of color print in it. 


Generally most of the people sleep with one or two sleeping pillows and they are satisfied with only what they can use at night. On the other hand you don’t want to neglect your room and leave it with only too sleeping pillows so many designers and professionals stated that the normal amount of pillows on your bed should be 8 or less. Getting the perfect amount of pillows may depend on several factors such as the bed type and size or the size of the room itself, the larger the bed the more pillows it can take.


Bedroom pillows can be separated into three sets; sleeping pillows, bed shams and accent pillows which adds an edge to the bed and integrate it with the room color and vibe.

  • Sleeping pillows can be one pillow or two maximum and they are mainly functional for your sleep but usually have no use as a decorative piece.
  • Bed shams have many shapes and types and they vary from bed to bed ( single, queen, king or twin) 
  • Accent pillows are usually thrown on the bed in front of the bed shams, they come in different fabrics and colors which may be matching some of the colors on the bed or in contrast with. They can add a luxurious touch to the room and a visual appeal to the users.


Different bed types may have different styling for pillows and their number but they usually don’t exceed the limit of 8 pillows to not overcrowd the room 

  1. Twin bed: It can have one sleeping pillow & 1 to 2 accent pillows.
  2. Full bed: It can have 2 sleeping pillows, two shams & 1 to 2 accent pillows.
  3. Queen bed: It can have two larger sleeping pillows, two shams & 2 to 3 accent pillows.
  4. King bed: It can have up to three sleeping pillows, 2 shams, 2 to 3 accent pillows & you may add a bolster if you like as well.