Not Varying in the Heights of your Furniture
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Not Varying in the Heights of your Furniture

One of the most common mistakes when furnishing your house is not achieving balance in your home. Achieving balance is important because it makes the space become more appealing and gives the eyes a place to rest. 

One of the elements of achieving balance is to vary the heights of your furniture and decor. Having them all the same height looks a bit boring and not balanced, and as you can see below is an example.

Varying heights means that you should interchange between the heights of hanging things on the wall space, your light stand, the height of your curtains and so on. 

To achieve this balance in heights you need to use your wall space efficiently. For example, get a huge and tall mirror to be paired with your furniture. 


Yes, we’ve listed the mistakes and now we’ll help you do it right with some tips!


Tip #1

Make sure the painting(s)/mirror or any elements that’s on the wall above your couch or bed takes up at least 2/3 of the width of it. 


Tip #2 

Hang your curtains up high and they can even be in different heights to add to the variations and still look good.


Tip #3

Taking correct measurements saves the hassle of finding balance, know your space well and get your furniture and decor accordingly.