Small Kitchen Designs
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Small Kitchen Designs

Do you have a small kitchen? This one's for you!

Small kitchens might be a tricky thing to plan out, but there are certain elements that you have to organize and add to your kitchen to make it pop out as much as a big kitchen.


Galley Kitchen Layout

Firstly, you need to start off with choosing your kitchen layout. Designers recommend a galley kitchen layout. A galley kitchen is a kitchen that’s long and narrow with base cabinets and wall units are on both sides to form a corridor. 

Floated tables

Secondly, don’t feel that you’re limited with the space. You can still have more countertops than the ones that are already there in the galley layout by adding floating tables. Floating tables are tables that are extendable from the walls, or drawers. With the floating tables, you can even have chairs in your kitchen and have like a mini kitchen table.


Open Kitchen

Thirdly, you can also have an open kitchen in which it’s open to your living room and they’re separated by a counter that has chairs next to them and having a kitchen seating too.


Bright colors

Lastly, make sure your kitchen is bright, bright colors for the cabinets and appliances and good lighting to make your kitchen well lit and give the eye more space.