Smart Storage Solutions And Modern Design Ideas For Your Small Bedroom
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Smart Storage Solutions And Modern Design Ideas For Your Small Bedroom

Are you facing a problem with storage space in your room? Do you feel like your room is too small for all the things you have? Your bedroom is your personal space where you should feel like yourself the most and the most relaxed. However, having a small bedroom might appear to you that you’re tight in space but let’s look on the bright side, you have less surface area to vacuum! This article will give you some hacks about smart storage solutions and modern design ideas to make the room illusionary wider.


  1. Buy a bed frame with storage

The area under the bed is usually a wasted space. You don’t need a really high lift but however you can slide containers under the bed or a better option is to buy a bed frame with built-in drawers. This style creates a clean look and you can store anything such as spare bedding, extra unused clothing, shoes etc..


  1. Built-in bedroom storage

Built-in shelving is the best way to optimize an unused surface area without taking-up additional floor space.


  1. Pegboards

Pegboards can be placed on any vertical area that is not used. It will give a stylish look and feel to the room or wardrobe and can be very efficient to declutter a surface area.



Adding a vertical huge mirror to a sliding wardrobe door can give an illusion of a spaciousness in a modern bedroom.


All of the above mentioned hacks are great solutions for a small modern bedroom to appear spacious, have more storage area and most importantly is that it’ll make you feel more comfortable.

Here and there the prime hack for storage is hiring someone to execute it for you. And here comes Hub Furniture.