The Connection Between your Furniture and your Emotions
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The Connection Between your Furniture and your Emotions

Your furniture is not just a seating area or a bedroom that you can use when you come back from work and doesn’t mean anything else , on the contrary your furniture says alot about you and your feelings and basically is a copy of your emotions on fabric, form and color and it keeps affecting and changing the way you feel; that is why you need to carefully choose your furniture to match you as a person. 

To understand how furniture can affect and be affected by your emotions read the following points.


Calm and peaceful

This feeling you can generally get from peaceful places like the sea and the garden with it’s natural colors and open atmosphere, so to capture the same essence in your home you could add the plant factor in your house to give it a natur vibe and makes you calmer as well after a hectic day at work. You can also use soft curves in your walls and fabrics to promote the feeling of relaxation and peacefulness which can be easily done with the minimalist decor approach.


Energy and positivity 

Energy and positivity are usually generated from exposure to natural light which has vitamin D to promote mental health and also from exaggerated furniture patterns that gives an energy to the place and makes it look different from your normal basic furniture. Natural light can be visualized through windows or balconies as well as the addition of mirrors to reflect that light in the room to increase positivity and encourage productivity.



Power can be shown through the addition of bold colors such as black , red, dark blue  in the house and through statement pieces such as accent chairs, leather and dark wood which are all things that increases the feeling of power and masculinity to the room and you might also minimize the use of soft colors , fabrics and storage furniture.


Creativity and intuition

Creativity can be shown through the way you place your furniture, two people can buy the same living set but the room can look absolutely different and gives you two very different vibes. Creative people don’t believe that furniture should always be placed in a symmetrical way, instead they use clutter more often and place different textures and prints in the same room.



A dramatic feeling is usually emphasized by the amount of accessories placed in the room, the more accessories there is the more you know that person is dramatic, artistic and loves to tell a story through the way their furniture and accessories are placed but be careful to not place so many accessories that the room looks cluttered and gives the wrong vibe.