Tips For Decorating Your Kid’s Bedroom
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Tips For Decorating Your Kid’s Bedroom

Children spend one thirds of their time in their bedrooms. You don’t have to exaggerate and furnish your kids bedroom luxuriously and spend a high budget. However, kids find a house that resides love, memories are created and joy and comfort are found is a great house.

In this article, we will explore how interior architecture design synergizes with children well-being, and how it can influence the development of your child’s creativity and overall personality.


1. Layering of light

Lights are a very important aspect is a kid’s bedroom as it’s very important for them to be able to feel comfortable in their rooms while playing, studying and sleeping.

  • Fairy lights: help creates a cozy atmosphere, and helps kids that are afraid to sleep in the dark to have a safe sleep without too much light
  • Spot lights: create warmth
  • Task lights: can be placed besides the bed or on the ceiling can help encourage reading
  • Lampshades: can be placed on the ceiling as well to create an atmosphere for the kid to focus


2. Create a hang out area

The kid’s bedroom is not only for sleeping purposes. So it’s very important to create a specific and fun space that will encourage your kids to play, read or just enjoy some alone time. So it’s a great idea to place a beanbag, a hammock or install a mini tepee.


3. Cleanness and accessibility

This might seem as a very basic point, but keeping the room cleaned has a very great impact on your child on the long run. Having a clean room with a smooth flow for movement has many benefits such as it saves time and effort, improves memory, emotional effort and therefore decreases stress and discomfort.

Not only that, studies has proven that children who grow up in homes with organized structure have better focus and learning abilities.

It all starts in the bedroom, so it’s important to make bedroom cleanliness part of being in a healthy growing family.


4. Nature Simulation

Bringing the outdoors into your children’s bedroom not only serves as a source of inspiration, but images of nature’s miracles can also aid in developing kids’ attention to detail.

“Photos help children learn how to observe details around them and they learn how to appreciate everything nature does for us as a whole.”

Some ways this can be done:

  • Textures inspired by nature; woolen rug, Scandinavian luxury bed frames
  • Glass walls those projects moving images of nature.
  • Indoor plants and water features.
  • Wooden wall panels.
  • Nature’s color palette throughout the room.


After all, your kids spend a majority of their time indoors in artificial environments, adding a snippet of nature will help heal and remind us of our roots.