Tips to Consider When Getting a Sofa Bed
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Tips to Consider When Getting a Sofa Bed

Sofa beds are usually considered a fast and affordable solution for someone with a small house or for guests and most important for keeping the space of the room. Some may use it in their living room and some may use it as an extra bed in their bedroom, both ways are fine but there are certain aspects to consider before making the purchase for it to be a smart decision.


  • Know the dimensions of the space 

The dimensions of the space is very important to know how to put the sofa bed , what size you are getting and how much space you will need for it to be opened.


  • Is it occasional use or everyday use?

If it is occasional use then you will be considering the comfort and looks of the sofa itself rather than the bed while if it is for daily use then you might consider the comfort of the bed itself and it’s functionality.


  • Who will be using it?

The functionality of the sofa definitely differs according to who will be using it whether it is an adult or children and whether it will carry high weights or averagely low weights.


  • Is it needed for storage as well?

That will definitely be an important factor in the sofa bed since some have storage spaces under the arms and some under the mattress itself and some don’t even have that function so you need to ask yourself that question early in the process.


  • Which type of sofa bed do you need?

This can be different from one person to another. There is the pull out sofa bed which looks like a regular sofa and the bed can be pulled from under it by a handle so that the mattress would spring out with a bed with frames and legs supporting it.

There is also the Futon which is made of a metal frame or a wooden frame and attached cushions that form the sofa.

Another one is the clic- clac sofa bed it has a different mechanism than the others where the bed rest can be put into place with the rest of the sofa when you transfer it into a bed and then it will also have supporting back legs.