Your Guide To Installing Wallpaper In Your Bedroom
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Your Guide To Installing Wallpaper In Your Bedroom

Wallpapers are now being used by some people to add an extra edgy look to their bedrooms and in the meanwhile avoid the hassle of the painting process. However, most people on the other hand are still not aware of installing wallpapers. And others, get nervous about having a piece of paper covering up the whole wall and usually think that installing wallpapers will require high maintenance and that they have a short life span.

Here are some reasons on why to install wallpaper in your bedroom instead of painting it:

1. Wallpapers have a wide range of designs, textures and patterns

2. Can be easily removed without damaging the walls or leaving any traces

3. Has a life span of more than 15 years

4. Wallpapers are ecofriendly as they are manufactured from natural materials

5. Durable and easily maintained

6. Can be easily washed

7. Wallpapers could be effortlessly installed

8. You could always find a pattern that suites your style and furniture

9. Can cover up any wall imperfections

10.The paste used to stick it with is made out of harmful chemicals that doesn’t damage the wall


Now aside from the benefits of wallpapers, installing high-quality wallpapers might be of a high budget so if you’re looking for something that is budget friendly then it will cost you high-maintenance, less durability and a life span that won’t last up to 5 years. What you need to know before wallpaper installation:

1. Make sure its cellulose paste There are two types of pastes: the wheat paste and the cellulose paste. The wheat paste doesn’t dissolve with ease and that’s why it can leave traces on the wall after being removed. However, the cellulose paste is very easily removed and you don’t have to worry about your walls being damaged.

2. Hire a professional You can definitely install the wallpapers on your own if you carefully read and applied the instructions on the manual that comes with it. However, for the first time and if it’s a large surface area it’s usually preferred to hire a professional as you can be overwhelmed on your own and you don’t want to lose all the money you paid!

3. The type of wallpaper As mentioned previously, wallpapers have a wide variety of styles, textures and patterns. So since there are many types each type has a place where it can be installed. And since we’re talking about a bedroom which is a place that doesn’t have contact with a-lot of moisture and steam like kitchens and bathrooms then non-woven papers and fabrics are your perfect go-to.

4. A book is your best friend in this process After sticking the paper on the wall its best to use a book afterwards and press on it for not less than five minutes to avoid expansion and the appearance of bubbles

5. BUBBLES Air will definitely make its way and slide in between the wall and the paper so it’s most likely that you’ll so bubbles. I’m just telling you so you don’t need to panic you’ll just let it settle down and wait for it to completely dry and the bubbles will automatically leave. Now if they didn’t, just pop it and flatten the area smoothly.